nordicglow ( nordicglow) wrote,

so it finally seems that my dabbling in photoshop has saved me from the minor crisis of not so much having any palpable final project for my modern german poetry class.

recipe for mediocrity:

take old pictures, do google=celan, skim his poems. every time you see a line which vaguely, and by huge vast leeways of interpretation, could go along with an old photo you have previously done, copy and paste that sucker onto that jpeg.

kinkos will make pretty glossies for less than 2 dollars apiece.

sensitive artistic poetic flimflammery o'connors for all. i fear that i will be asked to present these in person though, which might involve emoting. shit.

i did do one new picture, which i put in the large format...everything else is in cute little thumbnail links. *ahref href* sounds like someone has a cough!

so, if anyone likes Paul Celan, they might be interested in these thingies. if only to laugh at how completely unrelated the pictures really are to the text. wait. maybe Celan fans should stay far, far away from this-a-one... :P

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